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Searching For An UPVC Roof Lantern Installer?

2 Nov 2020

Lumina Design Ltd have many stunning designs from leading brands like Ultrasky and Atlas, including those made of UPVC clad aluminium. Our installers regularly work with property developers and trade DIYers to install these types of roof lanterns.

A roof lantern can open up your room the sky, increasing light flow while making the room look larger.

It is a brilliant way to bring more natural light into a room, without extra windows built into the walls. This architectural feature sits above a roof, as opposed to a skylight, which is part of the construction of the roof. Since it provides additional height in a room, it can make it look more impressive.

Roof lanterns are particularly popular ways to illuminate enclosed stairwells and swimming pools, or as ornamental features above a conservatory. They can even reduce energy bills since you won’t need to use as much electricity.

Lumina Design Ltd can install your dream roof lantern at your property, with our installers will ensuring that your roof lantern is fitted to the finest possible standards.

Among our range of UPVC clad aluminium roof lanterns are those from Skypod and Ultrasky. Our installers and products have been rated five-stars by happy customers, so why not find out more about Lumina Design Ltd today?

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